By: Mark W Adams

Half a million jobs vanished, *poof* in one month. Sweet GeeBus.

Almost fitting, if not entirely teeth gnashingly aggravating that Still PrezNitWit C+ Augustus fiddles with his legacy in his nearly patented Orwellian/Machiavellian/Rovian way as the nation's economy dives off a cliff. We seem to share a morbid fascination with Richard Nixon some three decades later, a certain distane for the Cult of Reagan that led us down the path to our current Supply-Side SNAFU, but down the road will we spit out Bush's name with the same vexatious disgust that roils in the heart of anyone but the dead-enders?

I'm speaking, of course, to my fellow BDS sufferers. Surely it's not possible to keep this festering wound open as we emerge, eventually, from this current morass.

I got your damn legacy, George. Right Here!


He's gone, if not in body, certainly in spirit. He had zero items on his calendar one day last week, and the rest was filled with ribbon-cutting and legacy-building nonsense. His useless Secretary of State was litterally fiddling around, giving a piano recital for the Queen of fucking England as Mumbai was picking up the pieces of their own (latest) 9/11 -- fitting in a side-trip to India almost as an after-thought. Meanwhile, the final touches on a Status Of Forces Agreement were worked out between the Iraq government and the Pentagon instead of the agency tasked with, you know, working out diplomatic agreements with foreign countries. (Again, like in out Katrina response, this shows that when you turn over the bulk of your national wealth to the military, it is the only arm of the government that can act somewhat competently.)

Speaking of QE2, the Queen sure knows how to deal with a useless conservative government when faced with a liberal insurrection spurred by their feckless handling of a spiraling economy -- shut it down. Out of site, out of mind.

Locally, they idled a thousand workers at the brand new Jeep factory up the street and the part-supplier whose workers make up a good percentage of my bar's regulars, Textileather, has pretty much shut down for good -- over a hundred of my neighbors have no job after this month. And I thought business was already bad. I don't know if I'll have a hat to hang on to by the time it's all over.

The only pro-active thing I've seen our absent president do in months is go out and do what none of us peasants can dream of any more -- buy a nice new (expensive) house. (You don't suspect that the depressed housing market had anything to do with him trying to get a bargain, do you? -- Man I got some bad BDS.)