The Airing of Festivus Grievances!
By: Mark W Adams

  • Number One Daughter bemoans the lack of chopsticks in this household.
  • Grandson despairs Number One Daughter's existence -- and having to eat anything not made of cookies.
  • Number Two Daughter thinks her pen was stolen -- by either Number One Daughter or Grandson.
  • Son works too hard, and is upset we're closed tomorrow but wasn't told he has the night off -- his grievance is denied.
  • Wife can't stand how trashed the house became after "decorating."
  • Head of household (me) declares an end to any future cookie making while doing dishes and cleaning kitchen after the "chefs" were done making cookies and "decorating."

All other grievances are now officially deferred until next Festivus, or a regularly scheduled meeting on the third Thursday of every second month at dawn behind the water sewage treatment plant.

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Anonymous said...

Ha! Love this.