Shinseki To Head VA
By: Mark W Adams

This is a great guy for the folks in the Cabinet Room to be listening to from what I can tell.

I'm just adding this to my list of good news, the light at the end of the dismal tunnel the Bush Regime threw us in to -- like Obama planning to go all FDR on us to get this country working again.

So far, despite talk of a Depression, we can be of good cheer because the Bill of Rights will get a reprieve with SCOTUS deciding to hear (and most likely strike down) the case of a guy locked up for the last five years just because someone in George Bush's administration labeled him an "enemy combatant," without even an offer of proof.  We have a chance to be reminded what it means to be Americans again.

See, it doesn't mean a damn thing what the FBI tells you or me or Sean Hannity about Marri's alleged guilt.  It only matters what they tell a judge since, despite Bill O'Reilly's fondest desires, FOX News does not have the authority to detain someone indefinitely without being charged -- and no one has afforded this particular "guest" of the commercial republic that used to stand for liberty such courtesy.  Forget FOX; our government doesn't have that kind of authority under the Constitution (like the right to a speedy trial, confront witnesses, and trial by jury for example).

Justice being served is always good for the soul, especially when it has a dose of irony like the border official busted for hiring illegals, and of course OJ going to prison.  Not that I really have an opinion on Simpson's guilt or innocence, now or then.  It's just that now with him safely behind prison walls we should be spared any more media circuses surrounding the guy for around a decade or so at least.

I'm also feeling tingly about the prospect of the Kennedy legacy living on with Caroline in the Senate.  And the automobile industry getting some breathing room is probably the best we could expect right now, so I'll take it and smile.

But there's nothing short of an in-your-face, Nya-naa feeling I get when I think of Don Rumsfeld hearing the news that General Eric Shinseki is going to head up Veterans Affiars for the Obama administration -- the guy who proved to be right in his assessment that Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz were grossly underestimating how many troops would be needed to occupy Iraq after the invasion.

That's right, Rumsfeld's nemisis is back. The guy who'll be in charge of patching up the broken men and women who had their lives torn asunder because we never had enough boots on the ground is the guy who said: we needed more boots on the ground.  He's the same one who tried to prevent so many individual catastrophes the sociopathic civilian leadership of this country sent into a IED meat-grinder and no doubt will do his best to clean up the mess the Bushies left.

Let's be clear about this.  Just as Barack Obama was prescient in pronouncing the proposed invasion of Iraq a "stupid war" before we went in, had Bush and Rumsfeld really listened to (then) Army Chief of Staff Shinseki (instead of just offering lip service to the idea that they deferred to the expertise of their commanders on the ground), there wouldn't have been any need for the "Surge."

Think about it.  If they'd listened to Shinseki, we wouldn't have heard the incessant whining of John McCain about how he was right on the Surge.  No mystic powers attributed to General Petreaus by the dead-enders at Town Hall and the Weekly Standard war-monger brigade.  
QUOTE — "Beware a 12-division strategy for a 10-division army" — Shinseki criticizing Bush administration Iraq war strategy in 2003.
Yeah, I'm looking forward to the future.  We'll get over this hump and bounce back.  Yes We Will.

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