Year End Lists
By: Mark W Adams

It's that time, slow news cycles coupled with fill-in anchors/columnists/bloggers desperate to fill time and space plunges us into the dreaded "Best of..." "Worst of..." "Least/Most" list compilations.

So, in honor of the season, here's the List of Lists I found 'round Blogtopia (y!sctp!).

I'll start with The Editors, who list the nominations for Wank of the Year, 2008.  It's an impressive list with several repeat performers.  Larry "Whitey Tape" Johnson and Pantload's "Liberal Fascism" are representing the men this year, versus Juggs "Just Fucking Nuts" Atlas, and Sarah "I can see Russia from my house" Palin are running strong for the ladies.  Vote Now! or Santa will revoke your parole.

75% hate him.   Feel free to list the many ways.

82% love him.  That includes a third of all Republicans.  Never misunderestimate the power of being able to speak without embarrassing the rest of us.

Dick Cheney Lied.  Here's your top ten.
Wiretapping Americans
Defining Torture
Utility of Torture
Approving Torture
Guantanamo's "Hardcore Prisoners"
Gitmo Prisoners' Rights
Gitmo Conditions
Gitmo "Fair Trials"
Gitmo Prisoners Returning to Battlefield
Why We Invaded Iraq -- Still Beyond Deluded.

Gallup has Barack and Hillary on top of the "Most Admired" List.  They do make a lovely couple.  How George W. Bush and Sarah Palin came in the number two slots is beyond my understanding.  Weirder still is Bill Clinton tied with Billy Graham and the Pope.

One Third of all congressional staffers leave to become lobbyists.  No doubt next year, with the change in the center of political gravity, the numbers will only increase.

The List of inconvenient questions concerning the untimely demise of Bush/McCain/Rove internet guru Michael Connell is growing.

Get your own wish list together, and make it quick.  Remember, there are only 24 more scoffing days left until we don't have to impeach before we indict.