Shocked 'n Eeeww
By: Mark W Adams

Good news bad news time. The good news is that scientist have proven that sex is not addictive.

Bad news: we might have to find something stronger than Viagra to ween all the Afghan Warlords off their addiction to Taliban opium profits that fund much of the insurgency.

Of course, the picture to the left is Bush kissing Saudi Royalty, which is more about being addicted to oil than Sex or Drugs.  Won't it be nice to get re-addicted to Ba-Rock-n-Roll and just plain sunshine?  Far Our Man!

Supporters of a plan to put giant solar power arrays in space are trying to convince the incoming Obama administration that it may be able to solve the country's energy needs.

Last month, a proposal called Space Solar Power (SSP) - A Solution for Energy Independence & Climate Change was placed in the Open Government section of the transition team's change.gov Web site. It urged "the next President of the United States to include SSP [Space Solar Power] as a new start in a balanced federal strategy for energy independence and environmental stewardship, and to assign lead responsibility to a U.S. federal agency." 

Of course, space-based anything presents completely different challenges altogether -- even in the "altogether" if you will.  In space, no one can hear you moan.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, great, just what we need, power companies blotting out our skies for their profit. The sky doesn't belong to corporations.