Progressives Think Different
By: Mark W Adams

Macs and Progressives: "The conference I was at yesterday was a get-together of various folks from the liberal media (In These Times, The American Prospect, ColorLines, Mother Jones, etc.). We are, of course, preparing to take over the world, and Apple should be very happy at the prospect. Of all the notebooks busily being tapped on during the meetings, I'd say about 70% were Macs. This compares to an Apple market share of around 4% in the real world."

(Via Political Animal.)

We Mac cultists might Think Different™, as do most liberals, but at least we're thinking.

Don't believe me?  After you read this, you'll know for a fact that Mark Noonan uses a cheap-ass Dell.

1 Comment:

Ara said...

My next computer will be a Mac.

Or at least I keep telling myself that.