Bush Legacy? ...Bwahahahaha
By: Mark W Adams

The repudiation of absolutely every international policy position by the Bush administration is almost complete. A brief glance at the New York Times top stories tells the story.

The ISG insists that "Stay the Course" is not an option, and that in matters of war, the Rovian 50% +1 strategy of dividing and conquering our own nation isn't either.

Iraq's disfunctional government is out ahead of the ISG report, and bringing Iran and Syria into a regional effort to put Humpty Dumpty back together -- or at least clean up the mess -- despite the President's refusal to engage nations he considers evil.

More war crimes stories make the front page.

Speaking of Rummy's disaster -- his replacement gets unanimous support by simply being able to prove that he is not, and never has been, Donald Rumsfeld. Oh yeah, Gates spins the knife in Tony Snow's back, who has become even more incomprehensible (and you didn't think that it was possible).

And for the Hat Trick, we're horse trading with North Korea.

And that's just the stuff you get this morning in the first ten minutes of reading the news. It's going to be an interesting day around the blogosphere.


arubyan said...

But is there really any incentive to, you know, DO something about Iraq? The president doesn't care -- he's a lame duck looking to his legacy and "losing Iraq" doesn't figure into it. The Republicans (translation: McCain) want to send in MORE troops. And the Democrats? I don't think they want to lose the issue for 2008 nor do they want to be left holding the bag when the helicopters start flying away out of the Green Zone.

Who'll step up...?

JollyRoger said...

El Shrubbo del Estupido is as clueless about why Iraq is the mess it is as he ever was.

Until that changes, you can have 500 reports-it won't make one iota of difference.

-Sepp said...

Where have you guys been? I broke the story a few days ago on my site about Bush's new cabinet advisor. When I found out, I was'nt all that surprised.

Toby said...

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