All You Need To Know: AEI NeoCons Behind "Surge" Plan
By: Mark W Adams

There is no better reason to fully reject Chimpy's latest plan to "surge" tens of thousands of troops we don't have (and aren't about to pay for) into Iraq to save us from our catastro-phuck in the Middle East than to discover who supports it.

Bill Kristol and the ass-hats at the American Enterprise Institute.

(Note: never trust an organization like AEI who refuses to include a consonant in their abbreviation, or is pronounced like something Wiley E. Coyote would scream as he falls off yet another mountain cliff....AAaaaaaEeeeeeeeIiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii............)
WASHINGTON - As official Washington breaks for the two-week Christmas-New Year's hiatus, it knows that the No 1 issue it will face on its return in early January is the White House's apparent "urge to surge" as many as 50,000 new troops into Iraq for up to two years in a last-ditch effort to claim what President George W Bush insists on calling "victory".

The plan, which was presented to Bush last week in a meeting with five national-defense specialists, including two associates of the neo-conservative American Enterprise Institute (AEI), is designed to focus US military efforts on providing "security" for average Iraqi citizens against both the Sunni insurgency and Shi'ite militias that have, in the report's words, made Baghdad the "center of gravity of this conflict".

Drafted hastily - it currently exists only as a PowerPoint presentation - by its two main authors, AEI fellow Frederick Kagan and the former vice chief of staff of the US Army, General Jack Keane, as an alternative to the report of the bipartisan Iraq Study Group (ISG) headed by former secretary of state James Baker and former congressman Lee Hamilton, it is called "Choosing Victory: A Plan for Success in Iraq".
"Drafted hastily?!?" Great. Just unfuckingbelievably beautiful. Who the hell put these political dyslexics in charge?

We've been hearing about the grown-up from Daddy Bush's old team coming up with a plan to save Junior's ass for months, and these jerks are going to go with something drawn up on the back of an old draft deferral slip Cheney's been keeping in his scrap-book for 35 years.

I swear the Prez-nit-wit is actively trying to leave no doubt as to his legacy -- as the unquestioned, inarguably, absolutely worst President ever -- and that includes President of the Selena Fan Club, and President of Enron. He's had my vote as being worse than Buchannan or Harding as worst President of the USA for years now, but is Bush really trying to beat out the canibal Idi Amin as the worst President of anything, anywhere?

I wouldn't buy a wig from this guy if he were the President of the Hair Club For Men, even (in fact, especially) if he bought the company.

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