It's Official. R U READY?
By: Mark W Adams

Tomorrow began Yesterday, in case you weren't paying attention.

There's video and podcasts available, and He'll be live-blogging at Noon Eastern.

If you've been sleeping off the holiday feast the last few days, you might have missed the pre-announcement buzz about John Edwards and his trip to New Orleans to officially announce his candidacy for President.

You also must not be on JRE's e-mail list.

In what has been described as a "web glitch," John Edwards made his candidacy offical on his web page.  Ben Adler at Tapped thinks it's a "shrewd move," while Matt Stoller has some issues with his aides' awkward approach to the netroots.

Hey, I have issues with some of John's supporters too.  But I'll take a less than disciplined campaign, shaking itself out (especially this early) over the goose-stepping propagandists of the GOP any day.

And I also believe in the man himself, and his message: that for too long we've been divided, our differences emphasized and exploited. In fact, I'll take it as flattery that the web-savvay got the "offical news" first.

This campaign is about each of us taking responsibility for our country's future -- and ensuring America's greatness in the 21st century. It is a campaign not just about what we can do in the White House -- but what we can do on the way.

We all must take responsibility and take action now to:

  • Provide moral leadership in the world
  • Strengthen our middle class and end poverty
  • Guarantee universal health care for every American
  • Lead the fight against global warming
  • Get America and other countries off our addiction to oil

If we want to live in a moral and just America tomorrow, we cannot wait until the next President is elected to begin to take action.

Tomorrow begins today. Join us.

Stoller thinks that Edwards "almost gets it." Evidently Matt's not sure that Edwards is a true progressive, plays games with the netroots in a half-hearted way while sucking up to the MSM types in the New York Times, doesn't trust him or his campaign, and is lumping JRE in the same "risk-adverse" column as Obama and Clinton.

Matt, get over it.  Howard Dean is not running for anything, and just like Edwards (and Obama) are champions of unification of rich and poor, the blue and red, there really is just One Media too.  It's not us versus the Times, Post, WSJ, and television news. It's about getting the message out in all possible ways, to reach the most people possible.


arubyan said...

Here's the thing: Edwards is running for president of the United States, not president of the netroots. Same goes for Obama and Clinton too.

BruceMcF said...

After the Lamont loss, Matt Stoller seemed to have a bee in his bonnett about Edwards not making time in his schedule for a second trip to Connecticut for Ned Lamont. On the other hand, John Edwards did appear twice for the minimum wage campaign here in Ohio. So Matt may have a bias that progressives here in Ohio may not share.

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