Iowa Caucusers Polled, Edwards Still (Well) Ahead
By: Mark W Adams

602 likely Iowa Caucus goers polled and like they did in a June poll,
picked former Senator John Edwards by a growing margin -- now up 20
points on second-place Hillary Clinton.

John Edwards36%
Hillary Clinton16%
Barack Obama13%
Tom Vilsack9%
John Kerry
Joe Biden

My how things change when they're staying the same. Edwards has all but set up residence in Iowa since his and John Kerry's narrow defeat in 2004. The strategy has stayed the same, and there's no reason to change.

The idea is that he wins Iowa, then "suddenly," out of "nowhere" he comes into New Hampshire strong, and possibly a favorite if he does well in Nevada. A decent second-place New Hampshire position, just behind Hillary's billion dollar, east-coast funded juggernaught, puts him ready to take it all after his favorite son status in S.Carolina gives him a landslide to jump off into Super Tuesday.

And, yet, this will "shock" the punditocracy, surprising the Washington elite, and shaking up the entire Democratic Party.
Funny that this wonderous tale was already written two years ago.

(Hat tip: One America)


ohdave said...

Surprising thing there is Vilsak's miserable finish in his home state.

Wince and Nod said...

Mark, I've missed you over at Rosemary's site.