By: Mark W Adams

What seems like a couple hundred years ago, I wrote my first blog post. It was about my morbid fascination with the bloviating Rush Limbaugh.

That was before Air America (actually just days before it launched), before Rush was outed as a drug addict, and well before he admitted that everything he said in support of the Bush Administration and the rubberstamp GOP Congress was a Big. Fat. Lie.

Rush and his cohorts ignored the real problems of this country for too long, opting instead to demonize anyone with the temerity to realistically examine our situation (let alone offer a solution) unless they had an "R" next to their name. It's time for America, at long last, to ignore Rush Limbaugh .

One of the newest members of the reality based community™ is John Cole, who turned his back on the GOP late in the campaign -- but before Rush, Hewitt and the disgraced Neo-Con-men turned the Corner, before the paleo-con calvary saddled up their aging mounts. Cole summed it up nicely:

In short, fat, drugged, and stupid is no way to go through life
I can't tell you how many times my ears turned red hearing one of these blowhards in the wingnuttystan noise machine say that the liberals would say or do anything to win elections and power.

As they Rush for absolution now that Rush has given them permission, mock them if you must, but remember that what they crave most is attention. Deny them relevance. That'll hurt more than any smack-down. We did all the smacking necessary last Tuesday.

P.S. Hey Pam, get a life you loser.


cindy said...

I like the new site. Why the move?

shep said...

The bad news is that millions of Americans are still so blinded by their hatred of liberal Democrats (at this point, I would say that is their defining political characteristic), they still pulled a lever for a Republican.

They will go to their deaths believing in Limbaugh's bullsh*t. R.I.P.


Nice new format, Mark (record page load ;^)

Mark W Adams said...

Cindy, I stuck it out with blogdrive too long as it was. Always slow and barely supported. I had to make my own hacks (which I then shared) for three columns and permalinks.

Plus, no html in comments, a request I'd made three years ago that was never implemented.
The last staw was it going down for three days right at election time.

This site is slick -- check out the "Read more" peekaboo extended posts.

Mark W Adams said...

Thanks Shep!

One of the things I found when changing over was that the John Edwards graphic was causing tremendous hang time (of all things).

I'm now hosting it locally.

I think we might be able to start some, but not all, rehabilitation to the term "liberal."

Of course, there will always be asses who insist on their own dictionary -- "In the Liberal Tradition" of liberally defining liberals.


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