Culture Of Butchers
By: Mark W Adams

Oliver Willis just has a knack for cutting to the chase.  In a quickie update to a brief observation on Ted Koppel's Documentary on Iran, he blurts this out:
This is the stupid kind of shit crap I'm talking about. Why does con foreign policy always boil down to just stupidly killing people?
I really shouldn't even re-link "This crap since the juvenile posting it surely gets erotic delight every time his hit-meter goes "ping."  But for the sake of context, this is what got Willis' fur ruffled:
Bomb Iran  --   Diplomacy is doing nothing to stop the Iranian nuclear threat; a show of force is the only answer.  —  WE MUST bomb Iran.  —  It has been four years since that country's secret nuclear program was brought to light, and the path of diplomacy and sanctions has led nowhere.
It may be crass, but what else is left but to scream, "You're an idiot, you fascist ass," when you read warmongering drivel like this?  They can't be reasoned with, else how could they even contemplate such an unreasonable position on such ridiculous grounds and state it publicly.  I've never got the disconnect with people who sanctimoniously preach about a "culture of life" but have no qualms about being butchers of lives.

Note, that the ReichWingnut advocating starting yet another war also links to the Sy Hersh article Ara talks about -- which kinda defeats the argument for launching a strike against Iran.  You'd think, anyway.

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