Welcome to Dispassionate Liberal 2.0
By: Mark W Adams

I hope you like the new crib. I stuck it out at the old site for a long time, but it's time for a change. The nitty-gritty beneath the fold...

Okay, I write a political blog, and I'm cheap. When I looked at free blogs almost three years ago, Blogger of course was first on the list. But I explored and found a lot of excellent features at BlogDrive.com.

I didn't complaint to much about the slow speeds, or the fact that all the cool bloggy features on the web support Blogger but never, ever BlogDrive.

And I know that downtime is to be expected anywhere you go. BUT when a political blog can't be seen from the Sunday before an important election until the Wednesday after -- the new post simply didn't show up -- it's time to move to new diggs.

Low and behold, as I explored, I found that Blogger had grown up! All the features I liked from my old blog and much, much more.

This is a Beta.Blogger.com blog, with its fast loads, and fantastic interface. Thanks to Ramani for the 3-column layout and fun gizmos.