Atlas Raised An Eyebrow
By: Mark W Adams

Wet panties should not be a gauge of competence in public officials.

Shorter Pam Atlas: "I wanna ride John Bolton's mustache, but while Nic Burns is cute, he's too cute not to be gay."

Stunning insight from the floosiest swingnut™ not to be a Fox News regular. (Yes, I said swingnut, in the hyper-testosteroned Coulter, Ingrahm, Malkin sense.)

She really needs a vacation. That or a cold shower.

I mean, just what is she getting at here:
If you don't BLOG FOR BOLTON you can't hang in the Atlas Sphere. That's the price of admission.
Or this little love note about the man she calls "Super Ambassador":
Gd bless that man. WTF would we do without him? Would no one stand up? I, for one, sleep better knowing that Bolton is preserver and defender of all that is good and true in America.
But Nicholas Burns, arguably the most competent official left in the State Department, a rational actor in an irrational world:
He is such a metrosexual. We need testosterone.
Pam, seriously. You've got enough man-sap running through your own bloodstream for all of us.