42-39 -- Rematch??
By: Mark W Adams

Thanks for the B-Day Present


(2) Michigan 7 7 10 15 39 Final

(1) Ohio St. 7 21 7 7 42

Could Happen.
Michigan and Ohio State have played 102 times, but never as No. 1 and No. 2. That kind of matchup, anywhere, has happened just 36 times in 70 years -- usually a marquee nonconference game in September or a bowl in January.

In November or December? Between conference rivals? In the history of college football, that has happened just three times, and only in conferences that don't exist anymore -- twice in the Big 8, once in the Southwest Conference. Two such Oklahoma-Nebraska games, in 1971 and 1987, were billed as Game of the Century I and II. And the 1969 meeting between No. 1 Texas and No. 2 Arkansas lured President Nixon away from the Vietnam conflict.

USC (8-1) has threee chances to lose a bid to take the Number Two slot from the LOSERS at Ann Arbor to challenge the NATION'S NUMBER ONE TEAM, OSU.

The Trojans should beat Cal tonight, but if they don't totally humiliate 5th ranked Notre Dame, who's to say they are better than Michigan with an identical record if they also beat UCLA ON Dec. 2? And they could totally choke in one of the three games left.

It was only a three point loss for Michigan on the Buckeyes home field.

How 'bout it Blue? You up for a trip to Arizona?

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Logipundit said...

Who does Ohio State play this week, by the way? Dayton School For the Blind? LOL...

Kidding, definitely think it should be a rematch. SEC guy myself, and noone in the SEC ever has a shot anymore.