Don't Get Me Wrong, I Love Her
By: Mark W Adams

Hillary Clinton is a GREAT lady. I believe her importance to history is secure, and she still has a long and impressive career ahead of her. I don't think that will change when and if she runs for president, and she has a decent chance of winning.

I think any contender who has her support, including herself, has a decent chance of winning and she would make an extraordinary president.

I think it would be absolutely horrible for her to run, at least this time.

I know, she's not getting any younger -- but neither is John McCain. She's got great health coverage, right?

Earl Ofari Hutchinson analyzes the "Hillary Dilemma at HuffPost. His outline of the polarizing nature of Hillary in the '08 presidential race, let alone another Clinton presidency, is only half the story.

It is one of the better dissections of the galvanizing forces on the right just salivating for the chance to pounce on her.
She's still, well Hillary, and to top cat Republicans licking their wounds over their midterm debacle, she's still their made-in-heaven balm. Hillary is a living, breathing wedge issue.
It's keep your eye on the ball time folks. The goal is not simply punishing the neo-cons, reigning in the corporate give-aways, purging the corrupt and incompetent, blocking any more extreme nominations, or even ending the war.

The goal is not simply a Democratic White House working with a deep blue Congress.

It's about putting in place what American's have wanted for decades, what we thought a Clinton working with a Democratic Congressional majority would give us last time -- real health care reform, real investment in the people of this nation and not just paving the way for get-rich-quick schemes and stay-rich-always conspiracies. It's about the promise of Government being a force for good, for shared prosperity, for educational excellence, for safety at home and security from threats abroad.

It's about our government representing ALL our interests, not "50% plus one" strategies that don't merely become a "wedge," but literally tear us apart in disastrous ways.
"You have to understand, this administration is further to the right than much of the public understands. The view of many people [in the White House] is that the best government can do is simply do no harm, that it never is an agent for positive change. If that’s your position, why bother to understand what programs actually do?"
This is what we've become accustomed to from our so-called representative republic -- a government that does not do our bidding, but exploits our petty disputes with vitriolic rhetoric verging on the extreme that benefits absolutely no one -- except those already in power and their K-Street keepers.

It must end.

Because she is who she is, and for no reason better than that, Hillary Clinton cannot accomplish this vital mission, to bring our nation together, to leave no American behind.

Just as we resist the urge to kick the GOP while it's down (although it sure is fun to watch them kick their own), we can not be tempted to provide them with the gift that will reunite them more than any tax cut or border fence.

When you listen to Barack Obama speak of ending the punditry's "slicing and dicing" us up into Red and Blue States, when you hear John Edwards encourage us to remember that we are One America, you too will understand that, great lady that she is, Hillary Clinton's time has not yet come.


Gary said...

Hey Mark...Love the new digs! The old one never loaded very well for me.

I have something to share that I think you might find interesting:

New movement launched...It's called The Congressional Committees Project.

Basically, it's the creation of a citizen media to watch over, report and push oversight on every congressional and senate committee.

Check it out via my page...http://declarationofpride.blogspot.com/2006/11/blog-citizen-congressional-senate.html

I really do think this is an amazing idea that you guys will be all over!

I am choosing to provide oversight to the Senate Judiciary Committee. Who do you want to report on?

Go to this Wiki page to pick http://www.dkosopedia.com/w/index.php?title=Congressional_Committees_Project

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