You Know What's Freaky?
By: Mark W Adams

John Edwards might actually win this thing. Especially if the Mainstream Media keeps singing his praises like this. They're tired of the Clinton inevitability (non)story, and aren't moved by Obama. Go Johnny Go!

MSNBC Democratic Debate in New Hampshire – Reviews Are In

Salon.com’s Joan Walsh Said Edwards “Made a Strong Impression” and Named Edwards the Winner of the Debate.
Chris Matthews posed the question, “Who won tonight’s debate?” and Salon.com’s Walsh responded, “I think Edwards made a strong impression and I think he pushed her [Senator Hillary Clinton] back, he brushed her back a little bit. So I would go with Edwards.” [MSNBC, 9/26/07]

NBC's Chuck Todd: “Edwards Stood Out to Me,” “It Was One of His Better Performances.”
“Of the candidates chasing Clinton, Edwards stood out to me. He seemed to realize he needed to prove contrast with Clinton on just about every answer he gave. It was one of his better performances. The guy is getting his William Jennings Bryan schtick down pat.” [“Some Quick Post-game Take-aways,” 9/26/07]

Newsweek’s Howard Fineman: “Edwards Has Emerged So Far the Most Forceful Challenger To” Clinton. “From where I sit, Edwards has emerged so far the most forceful challenger to her (other than Tim Russert).” [Fineman Debate Liveblog, 9/26/07]

Marc Ambinder: “Victory for JRE,” “Edwards Was Straightforward, Confident, Clear.”
Edwards was Edwards on Centrum Silver: straightforward, confident, clear, knowledgeable, thoroughly encased in his own frame. Ying to the yang of both Obama and Clinton; If you’re new to nomination politics, then you’d think Edwards – and not Obama – was Hillary Clinton’s main foil. The war. Social Security. Health care. Campaign ethics. Clinton didn't take the punch, but she did move to dodge them, which is a victory for JRE. [“Edwards, Clinton Spats Sound Out,” 9/26/07]

ABC’s Rick Klein: “Edwards May Have Done Himself the Most Good Tonight.”
“11:02 pm: Quick thoughts -- Hillary Clinton benefits whenever no one else distinguishes himself, and Edwards may have done himself the most good tonight. Obama squeezed in one good line, but I don't see that as enough for the evening.” [ABC News LIvebloging 9/26/07]

NBC's Domenico Montanaro: Edwards Was “More Presidential” and “Looked Poised.”
“Edwards looked poised in following up on his answer. Not angry or frustrated as we've seen him before, more presidential.” [“Edwards Pointing Out Differences,” 9/26/07]

[more] Newsweek’s Howard Fineman: “Edwards Then Hits It out of the Park,” “Wins the Round” on Social Security.
“Edwards then hits it out of the park, talking about a ‘protective zone’ of income between $97,500 and $200,000. His proposals sounded carefully thought through—whether you agree with it or not—and was much more specific than what Obama had to say on the topic. Hillary is talking too much about what her ‘husband’ did; she isn't being specific enough—Edwards wins the round.” [Fineman's liveblog 9/26/07]

NBC’s Athena Jones: Edwards Gets a “Whoop” for Promising to End Health Insurance for Congress if No Universal Health Care.
“A whoop here for Edwards' promise to cut off health insurance coverage for members of Congress if they don't pass health care by July 2009.”[“Edwards health care reaction,” 9/26/07]

ABC’s Rick Klein: “Edwards Is the First to Draw Real Distinctions About” on Iraq.
“9:07 pm: I'm ready to give the Big Three credit for intellectual honesty by saying troops will have to remain in Iraq for some years. But John Edwards is the first to draw real distinctions about what to do going forward. This won't be the last time he finds a way to set himself apart.” [Political Radar 9/26/07]

NBC's Domenico Montanaro: “Edwards Is Pressing the Distinctions with Clinton.”
“Edwards is pressing the distinctions with Clinton. He said they had learned different things on their war vote and said this Iran vote was indicative of that. Will it matter? Edwards clearly wants to put her on the defensive. So far, he's the only one.” [“Edwards Pressing,” 9/26/07]

NBC’s Chuck Todd: “Edwards Seems on His Game Tonight.”
“It's VERY early but Edwards seems on his game tonight.” [“Edwards Came To Debate With A Plan?” 9/26/07]

ABC’s Rick Klein: “I'd Give Edwards a Slight Edge in Making His Points and Making Them Solidly.”
10:05 pm: “But I'd give Edwards a slight edge in making his points and making them solidly.” [Political Radar 9/26/07]

ABC’s Rick Klein: Edwards “Distinguished” Himself.
“9:33 pm: One-fourth of the way in, Edwards and Richardson have distinguished themselves. If people were looking for a new, more aggressive Obama tonight, it doesn't look like they're going to get it.” [Political Radar 9/26/07]

Chris Matthew Said Edwards Came with a “Clear Strategy” to Differentiate Himself from Hillary Clinton.
Chris Matthews said, “Senator John Edwards was one who came out with a clear strategy to differentiate himself from Hillary Clinton on the issue of combat troops in Iraq and U.S. military action potentially against Iran.” [MSNBC, 9/26/07]


Even the Right Wingers at Powerline knew a winner when they saw it ... "If anyone made headway tonight, it was Edwards."

The Carpetbagger watched the debate so you didn't have to. ... "I think he [Edwards] probably helped himself the most last night."

Edwards won the Daily Kos Post Debate Strawpoll right after the debate too with 32%, Obama 19%, Hillary 13%.


Ara said...

Edwards winning the nomination? Stranger things have happened.

I just can't think of any right now.

P.S. The last failed VP candidate who ran again and got the nomination was named Franklin Roosevelt.

Ara said...

[holding finger to ear]

I'm being told his name was actually Bob Dole.

That said, Roosevelt got elected; Dole did not.