Fill In Your Own Metaphor
By: Mark W Adams

Not satisfied with trashing the right to habeas corpus enshrined in the Magna Carta, it's now up for sale.

Interestingly enough, this copy is now owned by Ross Perot -- which begs for yet another analogy. Maybe this one, courtesy of Avedon:
Congratulations to the GOP for being able to muster up six whole U.S. senators to vote in favor of Magna Carta this week. There's your campaign slogan -- The Republican Party -- Proudly Plantagenet Since 1215.
Gratuitous quote from the incredulous Director of Sotheby's via the Times:
“All they told me was: ‘David Redden [the auctioneer] is selling this really important document, the most important document of all. Can you give up this room for us?’ ” he recalled. “And I’m like, ‘Sure, but what is he selling, the Magna Carta?’ ”
Uh ... yep.

(Hat Tip HuffPost)


Ara said...

Perot used to tell a similar story during the 92 campaign. It involved a similar question asked by the customs agent.

"Do you have anything to declare?"
"A copy of the Magna Carta."
"Right, then. Go on."

Anonymous said...

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