There's Still Hope For Michigan
By: Mark W Adams

Not to gloat or anything, but after the Cav's beat down the Pistons earlier this year, the Tigers' season fading into obscurity as the Indians remain a sure thing for the playoffs, and the so called "football team" in Ann Arbor never to live down being humiliated by some junior high school walk ons in their opener while the Buckeyes remain the top ranked team of the Big Ten -- it's nice to see they've kept their sense of perspective up north.

On second thought....

Constitutionalism 1, Caesarism 0

Ron Paul beats Rudy Giuliani in the Michigan straw-poll.
Maybe you folks should start filtering your water, or maybe boiling it before you drink it. There's something very wacky going on up there.


G. A. Roach said...

I sure hope Toledo isn't in the Ann Arbor Waters-head District. It would sore me baddly to have the Dispassionate One become "Wacko-nuttyan" on me!;) It's Tribe time!!!

Mark W Adams said...

We may be Ohio Occupied Michigan to some who just can't get over the injustices of the war of 1812, nevertheless, we're still Ohio.

Tribe Clinches!!!

Tigers can't even make it to the wildcard. Bwahahahahaha!

G. A. Roach said...

Hellooo? Mr. GoBlue? Is it true, this crummy little territory of occupation pushed the bad old Tigers out with a Magic number? #1 Whoooo-hoooo!!! Michigan...Ohio calling? Bwahhhh! I'm glad your still there, Mark. Be careful about the down-field drainage. What is this stench in the HOF City? Detroit or Ann Arbor? ;~)=