By: Mark W Adams

I think the ceiling would look nice if we painted it Beige. . .

There was something about Bobo's column yesterday that made me think to myself . . . I wonder what else there is to read this morning?

I was tempted to switch to Boring Bob's column about the GOP being anti-black, but thought there couldn't be any earth shattering news there. Tell me something I don't know, Bob. (Maybe I was wrong, who knew?)

I ended up not bothering to finish either piece. One of the main reasons I never, ever considered paying for Times Select, oft times the opinion page there isn't worth my time let alone my money. Besides, I got burned by Slate a couple of years ago, paid them for the privilege of reading their content and just a few months later they pulled their pay-wall too.

(Yes, although I didn't spend near as much as you did, all you folks that bought the iPhone early and are discovering your new Halo3 disks are scratched -- I feel your pain.)

I did find it interesting that the most quoted newspaper in America, often vilified by both the right and left, has a milquetoast rightie analyzing democrats at the same time an alleged liberal wrote a critique of the "Republic" Party. (Maybe if we use the truncation, they'll stop calling it the "Democrat" party.")

I guess I would have been more inclined to read them all the way through if they weren't so predictable, so . . . dog bites man. That, and David Brooks really is just plain stupid.

So what of today's foray into the Times' OpEd pages, now priced for mass consumption? Well, there's Tom Friedman getting all gooshy over WalMart and China discovering the economic benefits of going green, taking direct shots at George Bush's dismal environmental policies with this searing indictment -- not:
"Too bad..." "If Wal-Mart can lead, and California can lead, why can’t America?"
Wow, way to take the gloves of Tommy. Nothing hurts an oil tycoon, even a failed one, more than outing him for being a wasteful polluter. Youch!

You could probably benefit from reading a real smack-down artist like MoDo today. That is if you can get past her swooning over Saint Ronny RayGun, the only "real man" that still makes her wet all under, even in his permanently prone position. But boy she hates her some "W," and that "I'm-a-dinner-jacket" guy from Iran, or anyone who doesn't meet her macho-man standards -- including Hillary or Teh Gays, or Rudy when he's beating up on Hillary.

Hmmm, on second thought, I wonder what they're writing about in Slate today? I'd hate to sound like George Will and devote this post exclusively to bashing the NY Times, (yawn) . . .

Oh Gawd. Don't bother unless you enjoy John Dickerson being just too cute.
Hillary Clinton will take the debate stage in New Hampshire on Wednesday night with the other Democratic presidential candidates—Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.

It's a vapid piece about how the other Democratic contenders can stop the Hillary Juggernaut. Dickerson proves the old maxim: Those that cannot run a political campaign, teach others how to screw them up. For an even better example of folks that are paid to prove they don't know anything about politics, take a look a WaPo's Michael Gershon's exposé on the real issue of the presidential campaign: Whether Clinton is religious enough. (ugh!)

Enough with the concern trolls, hit pieces masquerading as analysis, and unsolicited advice not to speak out too loudly from beltway pundits. Leave that stuff to the amateurs in Blogtopia, or the White House. We (and Bush, I guess) have built-in excuses for sounding like we don't know any better.