Pop Quiz: Who's The Neocon Candidate? UPDATED
By: Mark W Adams

Who is the only official GOP presidential candidate who is also a visiting fellow at the American Enterprise Institute?

Which daughter of a senior fellow at AEI works for that same candidate?

What other senior fellow at AEI is waiting in the wings to take over should this official candidate falter?

(And no, I'm not talking about Alan Keyes. He's only a former resident scholar at AEI and nuts to boot. Too nuts even for these whackjobs.)

Gingrich can run intellectual circles around the entire GOP field, and is staying out of the race at this point only to see how Fred Thompson fairs. My opinion is that he's the only Republican that can hold his own in a debate against any of the Democrats -- including Kucinich. He's more of a wonk than Clinton ever was, either Clinton.

Gingrich has since remained involved in national politics and public policy debate. He is a senior fellow at the conservative think tank American Enterprise Institute, focusing on health care (he has founded the Center for Health Transformation), information technology, the military, and politics. Gingrich is also a Distinguished Visiting Fellow at the conservation think tank Hoover Institute, focusing on U.S. politics, world history, national security policy, environmental policy issues.
Please Unreaddy Freddy, get your act together. America's hope for a peaceful and prosperous future depend on you keeping your fellow card carrying neocon out of this race -- so the Democrats can beat your party to a pulp next November.

Quickie Update ... It's worse than I thought.

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Michael said...

BWAhahaha! If only! The fact that they can't field anybody better than Newt is a stunning illustration of the dissipation of the Republican Party.