Kathy Griffin: Celebutaunt For Nerds
By: Mark W Adams

Speaking of Kathy (Suck it Jesus) Griffin, it looks like she's hooked up with the head of the "B" list of computer gurus, Apple co-founder Stephen Wozniak.

Kathy isn't the only one with a sense of humor. Woz is a legendary prankster, one of the few humans who could go on Stephen Colber's show and "take him down." And she's just flat-out funny. This sounds typical, classic Griffin:
"The thing is he doesn't realize that I am the brains of the operation and he is like some dumb bimbo that I picked up!"
But what you might not know is Woz also founded Dial-A-Joke in San Fransico. Really.
He met his first wife by responding to a Dial-a-Joke call "live", as he often did for fun, saying, "I bet I can hang up faster than you" and then hanging up. She called back, they chatted, and he asked her out.
The guy invented the Apple I, Apple II and game Breakout (as if that weren't awesome enough). He plays guitar, like me, so what's not to love? While I still miss my old Apple ][e,c and GS's, I've learned to adapt to this new-fangled Mac interface. (Yes, I've gone through over a dozen Apple computers over the years, never once considering a Windoze product.) I'd like to get one of those pads of $2.00 notes he gets from the Bureau of Printing and Engraving. That's just cool.

Woz, (the Other Steve) was always the "cool one" at Apple IMO. While Steven Jobs and Bill Gates played the marketing game, I always considered Woz and Paul Allen (the Microsquish co-founder, owner of the Seahawks and Trail Blazers who thinks Searching for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence is a worthy cause) the guys who still retained a bit of their soul they wouldn't sell for any price.

They're "B" list Billionaires. At that price there is no "C" or "D" list. The list is short, including Virgin's Richard Branson, always chasing world records and humanitarian causes, and Ted "Captain Courageous" Turner (before Jane Fonda and Time-Warner sucked the life out of him). They're the ones you know would pick up the tab after doing beers (and in Ted's case, it would certainly be a huge tab).

Woz and Kathy are now officially my favorite celebrity couple -- so Suck It, BradJelina.