Target: Iran
By: Mark W Adams

I hope to the Flying Spaghetti Monster that Sy Hersh is just another victim of the Psy Ops, beating the war drums for a dust up with Iran -- just a surgical strike (not a ground war we would have a real chance at losing) so it can be sold to both the Pentagon and a numb American public.

They are pretty good at conducting information warfare on the the U.S. electorate.

I'm going to depart from the usual attempt to back up a theory with facts and analysis and just go with my gut.

My gut told me we were going to war with Iraq, and there wasn't a damn thing anyone could do about it the very minute they turned Florida from blue to red. In my mind, it was inevitable, right then and there.

Before I'd ever heard of a hanging chad, before Cheney said, "Go Cheney yourself" to anyone who wanted to know who was talking about what in his hyper-secret energy task force, before the PrezNitWit told his briefer, "Okay, you covered your ass" when warned about Bin Laden's threat, before Bin Laden made good on that threat, before "My Pet Goat," and before he stood atop that mass grave in Manhattan with a megaphone -- I knew we were going to invade Iraq. Some how, some way.

I don't have that same sense of doom about Iran. I just can't fathom the possibility.

Bush is a bully. Like all bullies, he's a coward. Iraq was doable, he was told it was easy. His dad and Clinton had softened up the country for a decade. Killing Saddam was personal. His psychotic Secretary of War told him, and us, "Weeks, not months."

With Iran, not so much. Not even in Cheney's wildest delusional red-faced rant could he convince anyone to suggest to the "Decider" that war with Iran would be anything less than catastrophe.

Launching a few cruise missiles and laser-guided smart bombs at border installations of the Revolutionary Guard -- the newest organization to bear the distinction of being labeled a terror group -- and probably a a couple of bunker busters aimed at some nuke facilities, that I can see. That's within the realm.

I'd even believe Bush wants to mount a more massive air assault that somehow he thinks it will not require ground forces. No doubt there is a contingent out there that believe Israel's strike against Syria was just a dry run for what superior air power can get away with.

And what about those bunker-buster proof nuclear facilities some moron is telling Bush actually do exist and can't be taken out short of a tactical nuke or one of those killer air-fuel contraptions? Well, that's what commandos are for, right? Slam Dunk!

And the bully in Bush is thinking that he can get away with this clean, no consequences. After all, Israel got away with taking out Saddam Hussein's nuclear reactor back in 1981. Besides, could the world hate him even more? Doubtful.

That is just the kind of stupidity and lack of foresight I unfortunately expect from these idiots. But anyone with an ounce of gray-matter will have to plan for the Straights of Hormuz to become impassable unless we mount a major assault on Iranian military facilities near there. Why even bother with the region if we can't get the oil out? So we'll have to be prepared to hold some ground in that area. Not to mention we should expect a massive uprising in Iraq if and when we attack Iran, bogging down our already war-weary troops.

I could go on, but I find it hard not to see this scenario escalating out of control -- and Armageddon is not something my brain is equipped to contemplate. It's the same feeling I used to get when some numskull would try and explain how the U.S. could "win" a "limited" nuclear war with the old U.S.S.R. Sheer madness.

I could see Iraq, and even said it aloud that night our hearts sunk and we knew President Al Gore would not be inaugurated. I didn't like it, but I could envision it. I just don't buy the hype about Iran.

It can't happen.

Please tell me, it can't happen.


BY THE WAY, come next November, if by some pact with Shaitan it looks like Rudy Giuliani might somehow be able to steal another election for the neocon cabal, tell anyone you know near Teheran to get the hell out. "President" Giuliani means war with Iran as certainly as anything my gut tells me.

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