What Monumental Pissants
By: Mark W Adams

Douchebags and Dickwads playing who's got the bigger schlong on the floor of the United States Senate.

Republicans stuck together in blocking this bill not because they
oppose all of the programs, but because they have decided to block
everything small and large this week until they get votes on stalled
energy legislation.

The vote sent Reid into one of his trademark tirades on the Senate
floor, as he basically accused Republicans of voting against people
with strokes, people in wheelchairs and those suffering from Lou
Gehrig's disease.

"You go home and explain to your folks [voters] about stroke
legislation," Reid said. "You go home and tell people ... in a
wheelchair you voted against moving forward on something that could get
them out of their wheelchair."

"You're going to have to go home and explain to the poor, the disabled and the elderly," Reid continued.

McConnell held his ground, saying the Republicans were launching
blockade of everything not related to oil prices. The two sides are
actually negotiating on energy amendments, but there was no
breakthrough yet.

These assholes are playing games while the rest of us are getting flushed down the sewer. They know damn well that the oil barons aren't even drilling where they're allowed to right now. There are people that can be helped right now, today, if the Democrats are allowed to bring these measures to the floor -- but not with this filibuster happy minority party.

No, not until they once again cater to the energy cartels so that ten years down the road they can buy their way out of ruining the the North Slope and the entire Gulf Coast while never once considering any real effort to reduce the $15.00/gallon cost of gas -- and all the while never building a single refinery which is the real choke-hold on the oil spigot. And again we'll be talking about alternate/renewable/clean energy sources someday, down the road.

This is blackmail mixed with disaster capitalism at it's worst. While doing the bidding of their corporate masters, Congress yet again manages to hold the weakest among us hostage against all the rest who are firmly at the mercy of the Kleptocrats. And as we hear the chants of Drill! Drill! Drill! nobody will give a shit that we're making thing Worse! Worse! Worse!


And when the Democrats capitulate, again, who wants to take the bet that none of their proposals see the light of day anyway. I guess the real reason this sticks in everyone's craw is we watched the the Democrats allow BushCo ram so much down our throats when they could have jammed things up like the GOP does every damn day.

Terry Schaivo

Military Commissions Act

War Funding, and Funding and Funding and Funding

Authorization to Use Military Force In Iraq

Justice Roberts

Justice Alito

Confirmation of Alberto Gonzales

FISA revamp with Telecom Immunity

Medicare givaway to Big Pharma

Impeachment and any kind of accountability, "Off The Table."

Yeah, they stopped the GOP from destroying Social Security, ANBAR (so far) and confirming John Bolton to the UN. I'll take it, but the legacy of Congressional Democrats in the minority makes their tenure as the majority party a bitter pill to swallow.