Stunning McShills
By: Mark W Adams

Fox Noise started the their fair and balanced morning talking about media bias everywhere but their own network, insisting that the Village "Media has a crush on Obama" -- no, they really said that.

Then there was the yucking it up over Obama insisting that he would not have supported the surge even knowing what he knows now. How lame, how stupid. And that everyone was making way too big a deal over those silly little errors McCain sometimes makes ... hourly ... and fundamentally wrong, wrong, wrong on so much so often. No. Big. Deal.

Oh, not just Fox, but MSNBC's Joe Scarborough, and his guest DLC Chair Harold Ford.

That's Ford the Democrat. He's was agreeing with every anti-Obama talking point Joe Scar could spew.

That McCain changed history by saying the Anbar awakening was a product of the Surge and that Obama was the one who was at odds with history (in some alternate universe) ... No. Big. Deal. Right Harold? ... Right.

That Katie Couric drilled Obama about his opinion on the Surge but edited out McCain's unbelievably wrong, wrong, wrong answer to Obama's defense of his opinion that the tactics Bush/McCain have employed would not fit within his strategic vision of the entire region ... No. Big. Deal. Right Harold? ... Right. Those network anchors do it all the time.

Olbermann went after McCain for this last night, I'm not sure about Abrams, but Joe Scar, with Harold nodding right along said anyone on TV, including those on his own network who kept this up was "stupid."

The Surge worked, the Anbar Awakening wouldn't have survived without it, Basra (which was abandoned by the Brit and quelled by the Iraqis, not Surge troops) wouldn't be peaceful without the Surge . . . Do. Not. Question. The. Great. All. Powerful. Surge. and the Great Bush/McCain wisdom in all things Surg-ee.

By the way, let's also ignore what Couric did put up instead of McSurgishness's actual answer which was so wrong, wrong, wrong it's unfathomable -- which was to flat-out say a sitting U.S. Senator and Presidential Candidate hates America so much and is so blinded by ambition that he would rather lose a war if he could win the election.


I might put up some links to this travesty later, but if you don't know what the hell I'm talking about, go read some more blogs cuz you'll never get the real story if you watch the idiot box with the cable thingy attached.

[Okay, too early to be too pissed or to put too many links in a post, so here's a bunch. Read Spencer Ackerman and Yglesias first. More Ackerman and then Ambinder to prove all the quotes are correct and put in perspective after a breath and a beer. Big Media Think Tank Matt has even more on the McCain Time Warp and Greg Sargent slows down time itself so you don't miss the lie for all the spin or what Joe Klein's pissed about.

If you're don with all that, or just don't care enough to click through and are up to speed on all the "news," then take a gander at McCain's revised submission to the NY Times editorial board, comedy gold.]