I Am A Horrible Person?
By: Mark W Adams

I have a confession to make. When I saw this headline at the top of Memeorandum, I had an absolutely horrible first reaction:
Robert Novak Hospitalized
Quite involuntarily I let out a reflexive, yet quiet little, "yay."

I knew immediately that my reaction was just plain wrong. I wish no ill on the man personally, nor his family. I shook my head and read on.
Robert Novak was admitted yesterday to a Boston hospital where he was diagnosed with a brain tumor.
Again, your mind's reaction to events is far swifter than your reason and compassion. Knowing what I know about the man, especially lately, you just get this mental picture of someone in the media spotlight like Novak. The tool of the Plamegate conspirators, the go to guy for fake-out rumors like McCain choosing a VP early who reports on politics like a gossip columnist, the Village Courtier who runs over bicyclists like any drunken celebutaunt -- Brain Tumor? Figures.

My left-brain smacked my right-brain in the face, but not before my hind-brain said -- "That explains everything."

I don't know if that makes me a bad person, and I honestly wish him well through what will undoubtedly be an arduous struggle.

It's just that sometimes, the reptile inside of me thinks it's clever.

[BTW, you don't think this is just his way of trying to get out of a ticket, do you? Hey, That'll be enough out of you lizard-breath, or I'll put you back in your cage.]

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Anonymous said...

my first thought was "nice way to not only excuse yourself from a hit and run AND stop people saying nasty things about you!"

i have no compunction whatsoever about my attitude. the man is an unrepentent hazard to sanity. why should i be repentent at feeling satisfaction that he just might have his life shortened?