Sounds Mighty Uppity
By: shep

From the Great Billmon:

So that's exactly what McCain is doing – instantly, unapologetically, without shame or embarrassment. His enormous cynicism about the political process and his contempt for the voters – not to mention his vast sense of self-entitlement - have led McCain to take exactly the same low road as the Bush family and its various henchmen (Atwater, Rove): Whatever works; whatever it takes.
And so it’s finally dawning, even on some members of his media "base" (ever the hapless clowns in our political theater of the absurd ) that McCain isn’t quite the straight-talking, straight-shooting military man of honor they thought he was. The White Knight has morphed into the Great White Hope – the GOP machine’s last, desperate chance to avoid the mortal humiliation of being defeated not just by a Democrat, not just by a liberal, but by a liberal Democratic black man.

The Great White Hope. Now that’s playing the race card. We missed you, old friend.

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Mark W Adams said...

Thanks shep.

I wanted to post something about Billmon's return (what did we ever do without him). I just never had the time today.

shep said...

My pleasure, Mark. I was still going back to his blog for probably a month after he turned off the lights.