Ted Stevens Going Down the Toobz
By: Mark W Adams

Easy Headline
Alaska's Sen. Ted Stevens indicted by federal grand jury


Hang on a sec' while I catch my breath.

Heh heh hee. How about: Senator falls off Bridge to Nowhere?

No seriously, I gotta get this outta my system.


Speculation is that they're nailing him for the perjury/lying to investigators rather than the monumental corruption we all know he's guilty of.

As President Pro Tempore of the Senate, he was fourth in line for the Presidency behind Boehner until January of last year. Likewise, until they lost their majority, he was the GOP chair of the all-powerful Appropriations Committee, and the master of pork. He's the longest serving current Senator, been there since '68.

No, not 1868, but long enough.

He's vote number 40 when the cloture votes come around. He's Mr. Earmark. He's a class-A Dickwad and when cleaning house, he's at the top of the list of people that must, must, must be amputated from the halls of government. He's a cancer.

He holds up legislation like most people hold up a fork -- every day, all the time.

He's done. Later dude. You arrogant old fart.

The Village is flabbergasted.



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GARoach said...

Thanx for the "belly buster"! I've been waiting...FOREVER for this shill to go down.