What Matters
By: Mark W Adams

I'm not so much in the Obama promotion game as still fighting the forces of evil, which remains repression and exploitation by the corporate controlled GOP abetted by a compliant corporate media spreading their lies and distortions unfiltered and without critique.

But as I mentioned in my update to the post below, McCain's stupefying missteps lately may not be for our consumption, but merely laying the groundwork, preparing the battlefield by softening up the refs.

And it's working. Case in point, even liberal bloggers get distracted and question Obama's attitude, accepting Karl Rove's preposterous accusation that Obama is the guy in the country club sipping martinis as opposed to analyzing issues, issues, issues and pounding what matters.

Rove and his minions now running McCain's campaign are setting the agenda, the media as usual parrots their poison, and instead of marveling at what possibilities await when a less corrupt and more responsive, responsible and intelligent administration takes over, we're wondering if we like Obama's "attitude?"

Um, no. Let's not go there. It's dangerously close, as close (maybe) as McRove can come to calling Obama "uppity." It's a clear continuation of exploiting the usual GOP tactic emphasizing the sad human tendency to internalize the notion that "other people suck."

There are a lot of reasons not to trust/support/vote for Obama if that's what one desires, that have nothing in common with accepting the terms upon which the GOP wants (and needs) to frame this election -- which is to make it about Obama's character and fitness as opposed to four decades of John McCain and his GOP wrecking and raping this nation.