I Gotta Give Up "Morning Joe"
By: Mark W Adams

While there some benefit to hearing MSNBC's Joe Scarborough mouth off in the morning, kinda like a quick bout of mental calisthenics that gets your blood moving -- this guy shoves my brain into fight/flight mode better than a jolt of double espresso ever could.

But it's got to be just plain bad karma to start your day pissed off. GOS diarist Muzikal203 captures today's episode of bullshit and blather.
And right now, Joe Scarborough is on Morning Blow Joe raging about Obama's ego because he dares to say he has good chances, and that if he is elected the world will look at him as a symbol of the "old" America to come back. Perhaps they want Obama to just not be confident, and not be who he is. Obama is comfortable in his skin and doesn't really pander (which I love), but now he's "uppity." Johnathan Capehart literally just said he's "bumping up against that uppity line" on TV. I suppose Capehart will get away with it because he's black too. And now they are pulling the Michelle "proud" quote back up.
Uppity? Really guys?

Did we really have to go there? Dickheads.

Joe was miffed that Obama had the arrogance and hubris (adjectives I've never heard him use against anyone in the Bush Administration) to suggest he's become a “symbol of the possibility of America returning to our best traditions.” That statement was similar to how he described Berlin to Der Spiegel, a "symbol of the Victory of Hope."

Mind you, this was actually a quote from one of the participants to the meeting, and not a direct quote of Obama himself (since now I see where Joe got his info, Rupert Murdoch's Wall Street Journal of course). But since Joe saw an opportunity to take the quote of the paraphrase of the quote of who knows what Obama actually said, and put it in the worst possible light to match his ready-made narrative, Scarborough dished up the "uppity" meme for all to consume. Here's what actually appeared in the WSJ. Pay particular attention to where the quotation marks begin and end, and who actually said what to whom about whom.

Sen. Barack Obama paid an upbeat visit to House Democrats, his first meeting with the full group of lawmakers whose fortunes are tightly tied to his this fall. “This is your moment,” he told them.

The Democratic presidential candidate told the group that the positive response he received in Germany and the rest of Europe was “not about him,” said House Democratic Whip James Clyburn of South Carolina. Rather, Obama said he was a “symbol of the possibility of America returning to our best traditions.” Lawmakers gave that remark a standing ovation.

Did Obama actually say "He" had become a symbol? Was he talking about the campaign? The trip abroad? Do we really know? Does it really matter one damn bit? Isn't it clear anyway you splice it, Joe Scarborough's agenda it to put these n#$%@rs in their place?

What gets me is that he gets people like Johnathan Capehart and Harold Ford to play along, giving this fucking racist cover, acting like the fact that we're talking about a black politician has nothing to do with the conversation. They're just "analyzing" a politician and holding him to the same standards they would anyone else running for high public office.


Nuff said.

Move on.

They were talking about Michelle Obama and her "Proud" quote when I turned off the idiot box and left the room, deciding to do something productive with my morning. I didn't see them put up Michelle's quote like Muzikal203 did, but it looks like that's where s/he stopped too and couldn't take any more. Shocking that they had that quote ready to go, cued up at all times on the "Joe" show whenever necessary to remind viewers just how hateful and unpatriotic the Obamas can be.

Anyone been watching Regis and Whatsherface lately? Cuz as much as I kinda like Mika Brezinski, she's no better than Alan Colmes getting rolled over every night by Hannity when she sits there in Joe Scar's shadow, fuming but getting paid too much not to put up with the garbage. I think I'm pretty much done with MSNBC for anything but Olbermann's Countdown.