One Eighty
By: Mark W Adams

180 days is about the same sentence you can expect for a second drunk driving conviction or driving while your license is suspended. Violating a domestic violence protection order, telephone harassment or simple assault like getting into a bar fight and beating the crap outta someone will have you in the cooler for 180 days.

It's the basic six month sentence you get for drug possession in some States and what I've seen accountants and CEO's get for embezzling ten of thousands of dollars and pharmacists for fraud when they rip off Medicare. Mishandle asbestos or other environmental toxins, it's only six months/180 days. Teachers and Priests having sex with an under-age boy can expect 180 days behind bars.

Courtney Love was ordered to spend 180 days in rehab and the Mayor of Boise got 180 days for fraud when he got the city to pay for his tickets to a Broadway show. Steal your roommate's laptop, 180 days. Fake an accident and defraud the insurance company -- 180 days. Michelle Rodriguez from Lost and Matt Keough of Real Housewives (you might know them, I don't) each did 180 days for a hit and run. Fleeing and evading the police like all those idiots you see in the police reality shows can count on at least 180 days in the klink.

One Hundred Eighty Days in the "hoozcow," the "joint," "pen," "Graybar Hotel," "Up the river."

180 days is also how much time left in George W. Bush's Residency.