Peeling Back The Onion
By: Mark W Adams

One of the most frustrating aspects of investigating anything, it that you have to know what you're looking for. While is it ridiculous to advance the idea that anyone with a chip on his shoulder or an axe to grind can go on some kind of fishing expedition. It's invasive in the extreme to allow someone to turn your life inside out merely because they flash a piece of paper -- hence the probable cause requirement for warrants and the relevance threshold for civil discovery.

This logic also applies to Freedom of Information Act inquiries. You have to know something exists before you can request it or it's simply overly burdensome to the legitimate functions of the government. Congress's investigatory powers have the same kind of restrictions -- not from operation of the law, but from a credibility and political perspective.

Well, now we know what we're looking for.

We know that a handful of the 90 odd U.S. Attorneys were removed by the administration because they were not partisan enough. It's logical to assume that there are, therefore, a handful or more U.S. Attorneys (Bushies) who met Karl Rove's loyalty test and sold their integrity to the Republican Reich.

Who else did the Bush DoJ target?:

Consider the theory laid out in this diary by pacified, written nearly a year ago: The NSA at some point after 9/11 "requests" the cooperation of all major telecommunications carriers in "voluntarily" turning over access to all their call data but Qwest Communications -- at the direction of its CEO, Joseph Nacchio, and alone among major carriers -- refuses to comply.

Not long afterward, Qwest and Nacchio found themselves embroiled in... a federal investigation, of all things. The SEC hit Nacchio, Qwest, and several top officers of the company with allegations of insider trading and accounting fraud.

Gee whiz! Whaddya know?

Sharpen your pencils boys and girls, and get some metal polish for your aluminum hats. There isn't enough popcorn in the world to last through this show, cuz you know there's so much more to this.