Bwahaha, Rudy The Draft Dodger
By: Mark W Adams

No, this little bit of schadenfreide is not being brought to you by the further obscurity the echo chamber is falling into. (Good on you Rose).

Rather it's the idea that the GOP's bestest chance of uniting their party is Rudy -- who is making the diggs against Bill Clinton look mild.

Adulterer? Check -- 3 times married in fact (once to a cousin, yech).

Soft on Gays? Check.

Okay with abortion? Check.

And now this little gem makes me think he's really running for the Democratic nomination. (HT: Andy Sullivan)
“Any suggestion that he was dodging the draft is totally, factually inaccurate,” said a senior Giuliani campaign adviser who spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the topic. “He opposed the war on tactical and strategic grounds.”
Next thing you know, we'll find out Rudy DID inhale.

March isn't coming in like a lion or lamb. A frickin' laughing hyena just walked through the door. I can't wait for April Fools Day when March 1 starts out like this.

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ohdave said...

Oh that's rich. Notice the code there that he opposed it on tactical and strategic grounds. Not moral grounds,mind you.

He didn't go fight because those damned Americans just weren't using all of the firepower at their disposal, so he just thought, to hell with it, why go?

That's some highly piled bullshit right there.

Ara said...

Not to defend Giuliani or anything, but the number of times you're married has nothing to do with whether or not you are an adulterer.


P.S. If I were in charge of outing Giuliani, I'd attack his "strong point" -- his behavior before, during, and after the attacks of 9/11.

There's plenty there to be ashamed of.

ohdave said...

arubyan, that's not why he's an adulterer.

Mark, this was so juicy I couldn't resist posting on it also. Hope you don't mind.

Mark W Adams said...

No problem Dave, spread it around.

Ara, Are you sure the Rovian attacks against strength will work against GOPers? Worth a shot, anyway. There is indeed so very much there with 9/11, starting with putting disaster HQ in a building that was already hit by terrorists -- Bernie Kerrick (if that's how you spell it, whatever) -- telling everyone that the air was OK -- getting stiffed by Bush for Homeland funding yet still sucking up to him.

Yeah, a lot there. And that's just off the top of my head.

BUT DUDE! He's a Draft Dodger!!

Ya gotta just love it.

Check out Dave's post on this. There's a link at the bottom of this post page.

Ara said...

Seems to me that Democrats won't get much mileage chiding Rudy for being an adulterer and a draft-dodger. This is because conventional wisdom has it that Democrats are "soft" on those issues, you know? So who cares what they think.

Much better to attack Rudy where his base thinks he is strongest -- his 9/11 reputation.

For example, here's what Wayne Barrett and Dan Collins wrote in The Village Voice ("Rudy's Grand Illusion," August 29, 2006):

"Everyone agrees that a critical problem [on 9/11] was that the police and fire departments could not communicate; that's one of the reasons the lack of inter- operable radios became such a focus of fury.

"[But] if the top brass of the two departments were at each other's sides, they could have told each other whatever they learned from their separate radio systems. Many of the command and control issues that might have saved lives could clearly have been better dealt with had Giuliani stopped, taken a deep breath, and pushed Kerik and Ganci to fully and effectively join forces. Insisting that Kerik, McCarthy, Esposito, or Dunne stay at the incident post would have established a joint operation."

That is SOP in emergency management: it's called unified command and control. Rudy broke that protocol on 9/11 -- and it is the direct cause of the death of dozens of firefighters.

Will those firefighters accept that? Probably not -- the truth would be too painful.

But the truth must be told.