Bush Just Told Congress: "Bring It On"
By: Mark W Adams

"Show Trials?!?"

Screw this megalomaniac. And screw the Democrats if they don't take the President up on his dare.

I'm still keeping a bit of my powder dry. Let's do the DoJ testimony, and even the secret interviews of Rove and Meirs behind the water tower at dawn, or whatever undisclosed location they do it.

But if I don't see Gonzo's head rolling down Pennsylvania Ave., or a battery of subpoenas within the next ten days (and that is more than enough time). I'm going rogue and demanding the heads of the Democratic Party too. If Reid and Pelosi don't have enough balls to stand up to this feeble-minded bully living in the White House, they have no business pulling a pay check.

Schumer said it right, and he better not change his tune.

(And that's right, there are no links in this post. Use Google, that's what it's there for. Boy am I pissed.)

UPDATE: Okay, here's your stupid link. Bush is going the Nixon route and made a preemptive accusation of partisanship by the Dems if they have the temerity to issue subpoenas. Please, Mr. Conyers and Mr. Leahy, go for the jugular. Call this pugnatious little man on his bluff.

This has been the most partisan, politically motivated administration in living memory, and that little bully has the stones to tell the representatives of the American People to Bring It On??

Hey George, this ain't some dirtwater banana republic you're talking to or some madman in an Afghan cave. You just called out the United States Congress. It's on baby!

UPDATE 2: Richard Blair at All Spin Zone nails how I feel:

Still, my biggest concern is that there’s not enough time left in the Bush regime’s tenure to track this through the courts for years. And I think Bush is counting on that mindset within congress. So, perhaps a deal will be made between the regime and Leader Reid and Speaker Pelosi.

And if so, Democratic activists everywhere will head for the exits. Count on it.
I'm furious at even the thought that Congress, the United By F'ing God States Congress would back down on this.


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G. A. Roach said...

If the Democrats can't come through on this one...I say we rename it the Eunich Party and start the Jacksonian Party! Duels settle everything!