Oh Politico
By: Mark W Adams

You silly, silly people. Haven't you had enough embarrassment?

First, you get openly mocked by the the Decider, and when the Smirking Chimp himself decides that yer kinda funny, you've pretty much jumped the shark. Not even Jeff Gannon rated "a little blurb" by POTUS.

Think Progress documents your atrocities:

  • calling the 2nd most important issue to voters (health care) too boring to bother with;

  • predicting Deputy Attorney General Paul J. McNulty would resign (he didn't);

  • spectacularly scooping everybody with the news that John Edwards would be suspending his campaign (wrong again);

  • announcing that citizens will be able -- for the first time -- to submit questions to candidates during their upcoming debate using the internet (except that we could use the Toobz to ask candidates questions at that oh, so boring health-care debate Politico.com thought unworthy of anyone's time).

So now what are these amazing political analysts up to?
Sampson Testimony May Be Key To Gonzales Flap: "Friends say D. Kyle Sampson believes that bureaucratic bungling is at the root of controversy over U.S. attorney firings."
Ah, now that's some hot-shot reporting. The fired reassigned fall-guy former Chief of Staff is going to tell Congress that the Attorney Purge was all just one big mistake -- some kind of overblown personnel matter -- cuz after all, we know that the U.S. Justice Department is staffed by the Keystone Kops.

Nothing to see here. Just some goofy civil servants mucking up. Invoking Executive Privilege doesn't mean anybody has anything to hide, right Trent? Nobody should be afraid of any criminal jeopardy when they testify before Congress on the U.S. Attorney purges, so ... um, pay no attention to the, er ... nice lady pleading the fifth or anything. No deals needed or alibis offered.

Yes, indeed. The Politico.com has put our minds at ease once and for all. Nobody did anything wrong at the Justice Department, ever. Now go back to your previously scheduled Anna Nicole ghoul fest.

Besides, don't you know that the Democrats will only hurt themselves by doing exactly what the people want them to do -- by a 3 to 1 margin.

Where exactly is Oceania again? I could have sworn it was on the same map as Eastasia.

However, this Politico.com sourced info on a young, hawkish Hillary trying to get into the Marines, is weird enough to be spot on.