Once Again -- Dennis!
By: Mark W Adams

Why am I yet again surprised that Dennis Kucinich says something completely original, true out-of-the-box political inspiration, something so simple yet so obviously right that it amazes me that no one spoke of it before. (And if they did, kudos -- cuz this is the first I heard of it.)

Scroll down a bit on this synopsis of the first Spanish Language Presidential Debate.
Dennis Kucinich was the only candidate endorsing Spanish as America's second language.

Not some ridiculous English only suggestion that we hear from Republican circles, or an argument why that is folly. No. Mandatory recognition of reality, and by extension I assume require courses of study in our public schools.

Spanish IS America's second language. Embrace change and quit lying to ourselves. Why place arbitrary barriers to anyone who is willing to work for the
Sueño americano.

[Seriously, if google can tell me the way to write American Dream en español, why fight it?]