Oh Grow Up
By: Mark W Adams

The Democrats are in serious trouble if the GOP continues it's trip down fantasy lane.  As Chris Hayes of The Nation said on Countdown last night, their antics are akin to the Democrats demanding that we abolish the CIA and reduce the military budget immediately after 9/11.  It's just that financial reporting is so confusing and opaque that it isn't as obvious a stupid thing to do when they spew and actually vote for utter nonsense like spending freezes and rolling back Stimzilla.  They're acting out a suicide pact.

And this is horrible news for the Democrats.

They're losing their minds over touching Queens and bows to Kings, in a snit over gifts and teleprompters and the only one elected Republican in Washington that can organize anything resembling a consensus policy move, Minority Whip Eric (No We) Cantor admits he's getting his ideas from Rush Limbaugh.

If they keep this up, it will destroy the Democratic Party as we know it.  That's right, the Liberals with the Donkey and the Dirty Fucking Hippies.  Toast.

This nation is set up to be run as a two-party system.  You may not like it, there may be far more advantageous models out there, but if the Republicans insist on acting the fool they will soon be cast aside (rightfully) from legitimate public policy debate -- leaving the Democrats no choice but to split up into two factions.

Oh Mr. Rove, we've misunderestimated your evil ways again.  Divide and conquer, is that it? 

Actually, that is precisely what has happened in my adopted home town here in Toledo.  The GOP here is a joke, dominating only the AM radio dial and even there they are no longer the sole voice.  The rest are disgraced or in jail, and the Democrats run everything. 

However, there really are two Democratic parties here.  An "A" team and "B" team, old guard and new win no clear lines of distinction.  Sadly, votes no longer can simply look to what letter follows a candidate name, but actually has to pay attention to individual records and positions.

At least when there was a viable GOP opposition in town, we all knew who to vote against.  It also puts a lot more importance on the primaries, which is where the real battles will be fought here and across the country.  'Cuz the GOP is a joke.

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Mark W Adams said...

Read this about Rove throwing little bomblettes about Obama keeping score when D's leave the reservation and tell me his purpose isn't still divide and conquer.