You Might Be A Hopelessly Deluded Wingnut If...
By: Mark W Adams

Little Green Footballs mocks your antics at a "Tea Party" as "some really deranged stuff."

... Or Allahpundit question's your (Glenn Beck's) sanity (and not just Allah, who points to a call for Beck's excommunication.)

... Or when four of your colleagues at the Washington Post use the that very same paper to smack down your piece of shit column (George Will) as full of outright crap.

... Or your call screener let's a Republican veteran through to call you (Rush Limbaugh) a "Brainwashed Nazi" for supporting torture, leaving you stuttering and resorting to calling one of your natural allies an "idiot" instead of even attempting to defend your miserably pathetic point of view.

Oliver Willis tweets that he's "NEVER seen the gop this insane," but points us to a letter to the NY Times' editor that sums up what the conservatives have always been about

It never ceases to amaze me that conservatives view themselves as an aggrieved minority victimized by vast forces beyond their control. Conservative opinions are heard in every major news outlet, including this paper. Conservatives have held the presidency for 20 out of the last 28 years. Conservatives controlled all three branches of government from 2003 to 2006.

Antitax “tea parties” inspired by talk radio, like the one staged in Northport, N.Y., are the actions of spoiled children who are unable to confront the real problems facing our country today.

They're just marginalized, outnumbered, exposed as the frauds they are; and like a cornered animal, acting very stupid. Dangerous, violent, but still stupid.

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Anonymous said...

And it behooves those of us who are sane to keep speaking out and correcting them constantly.
It is not something we can let slide.
They are dangerous and know no bounds in blaming others.