Excessive, But Not Effective - 183 Waterboards Per Month
By: Mark W Adams

This has gotten beyond surreal
The CIA used the waterboard "at least 83 times during August 2002" in the interrogation of Zubaydah. IG Report at 90, and 183 times during March 2003 in the interrogation of KSM, see id. at 91.
Shoved in a box full of bugs, kept awake for eleven days, two-hour drowning "sessions" twice daily with six "applications" each time -- and we couldn't figure out where Osama bin Laden is?

The terrorists won.  They made us destroy who we were by sacrificing that which we held most dear -- our honor.

If Congress doesn't have the stones to impeach Judge Bybee, if our Justice Department refuses to prosecute the animals who authorized and perpetrated these depravities, if the author of these affronts to any form of legal ethics himself doesn't possess the integrity to step down, please tell me that at least the Committee on Character and Fitness of the Washington DC Bar Association will have the moral rectitude to initiate disbarment proceedings.  It might not get him off the bench from a procedureal standing, but it's a start.