Wingnuts Practicing Their ... Love ... For Obama
By: Mark W Adams

This really is all they've got, isn't it. Allahpundit tweets that a fraction of a second's stutter while the President was delivering a speech in France today was "Comedy gold" because Obama allegedly lost his place on the teleprompter.

Honestly, pointing out the daily barrage of moronic malaprops and linguistic lunacy emanating from our previous president is too easy.  Comparing Bush to Obama is like comparing nails on a blackboard to a Shakespearean sonnet.  Besides, it's not even funny, let alone indicative of anything whatsoever.  Neither is any politician reading a speech from a script.

I mean, "Got wood?"  Come on, an entire cottage industry has been born of idiotic Bushisms.  Is it really fair to compare the most well spoken POTUS in a generation to someone who  firmly believes: "You teach a child to read, and he or her will be able to pass a literacy test?"  No, of course not.  Commander Guy is in an embarrassing league all his own.

No, far better to bring on the Best that the GOP offered since Lincon, the actor who played second fiddle to a chimp.
"Facts are stupid things." --Ronald Reagan, misquoting John Adams in a speech to the Republican convention.