Kool, I'm On Kindle
By: Mark W Adams

Brad's doing it, Josh is into it, now I'm on it.  Try it for free for 14 days.

For the cheap reasonable price of $0.99 per month you can Subscribe to Dispassionate Liberal via the nifty Amazon Kindle electronic book-reading thingy.  And yes, I actually get some kind of royalty from it.  That's half the price of Truthdig and The Fix who charge an outrageous $1.99 per month. 

So far, I've made a whopping $1.78 from Kindle subscriptions, which is awesome since I didn't know I was even on Amazon until I got the check last week from Newstex, Blogs on Demand, that syndicates this and other sites through a host of different services like Nexis/Lexis, AP etc.

Every couple/three months, I get a check from Newstex for about $25-$30 for hits originating here.  It's a nice pat on the back for all this time sitting in front of the computer.  I have no idea how many subscriptions for how many months that Buck-Seventy-Eight represents, but whoever you are, Thanks!  Right now, thanks to my many fan (yes, "fan," singular, that's my best guess) I'm #13,430 in the Kindle Store.  TOMORROW THE WORLD!

Dispassionate Liberal (Kindle Edition)
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1 Comment:

Grandpa Eddie said...

Congrats, dude.
I'll keep reading your posts on my PC.
Don't have a Kindle and can't afford one either.