America: Too Big To Fail?
By: Mark W Adams

Make my day. 

Chuck Norris sounds the call for Texas to secede, hypocritical GOP governors from South Carolina to Alaska thumb their noses at the federal government's plan to pump up the economy, Glenn Beck promotes ludicrous dooms day scenarios, and the Galtist teabaggers demonstrate their ignorance of history, logic or the fact that they won't be missed if they actually (please, please, please) follow through with their threat to remove themselves from society.

Much as it pleases me to think how much better off the rest of us would be without their charming presence, America will survive even if these buffoons prove to be full of hot air, chattering, whining and continuing to be a pain in the ass, but refuse to renounce their citizenship and leave.

Face it, the United States is one of the few places on Earth that would put up with these idiots.  Where are they gonna go? France?

1 Comment:

Grandpa Eddie said...

Like France would take them...yeh, right.
So, since France won't take them, and everyone else in the world hates them, I think we're stuck with them.....well, except for the Galtist teabagers if they ever do carry thru with their 'threat'(I've got my fingers crossed)