I Fixed It
By: Mark W Adams

Now My Laptop has Pants. (Also #pants)

My iBook w/o bottom, ass in the air, mooning me.

I couldn't have done it without iFixit.com. They run an outstanding site for do it yourself Macintosh repair complete with step-by-step instructions with photos and excellent prices on many replacement parts, including the "DC in-board" I got from them at about half the price quoted everywhere else on the web.

And it got here pretty fast too.  I ordered it Monday evening, it shipped via regular US mail the next morning and was in my mail box today, Thursday.

I'd used the site last year when I replaced my iBook's screen after an unfortunate incident with an umbrella table and a strong wind.  They didn't carry monitor screens, but they had those handy instructions and pictures which not only helped me identify which screen model I needed to order, but also gave me the courage that it was something I could do myself.

Hmm, "DC in-board," who knew?  I didn't even know what the part I needed was called, but it kinda makes sense now that I know. 

I went there hoping one of their fix-it tutorials might mention the female power thingy you plug the power cord into as something you need to remove to fix something else.  "Plug?" " "Recepticle?" "Internal power supply?" Google is no help with that kind of search, sending me to the thousands of merchants who sell power adaptors that plug into the wall, but not a clue about the part inside the computer. 

To my delight, iFixit.com described replacing just what I needed to fix my contraption and sold the thingy too.  Perfect!  I've saved hundreds of dollars in repair bills and parts because of them over the last year or so and am back in Blogtopia catching up on a stupid amount of email.


Grandpa Eddie said...

Congrats, dude, your back in business.
Thanks for that link, too. The wife has a Mac and she likes to fix her own stuff....my little Techy (She doesn't like it when I call her a geek after I told her what geeks do in the circus.)

Mark W Adams said...

The politically correct term is "nerd" I think.

Grandpa Eddie said...

Whoever said I was politically correct? LOL