What Else Happened Besides StimPak Deal?
By: Mark W Adams

Andy Card proven to be an Asshat...
A shirtsleeves-only George W. Bush discusses his dry cleaning
with his maid in the Oval Office.

(Hat Tip Wonkette) [According to Olbermann, the above was snapped on day two of the Bush Presidency -- much like the picture of President Obama at the top right of D-Lib.]
  • Not just your average Gay Republican Child Molester, this one messed with a 5yr old boy (via) right there at the local Pueblo, CO, GOP HQ as the rest of the staff went to ogle Palin's new dress -- whose hubby TAAHHHdd Palin was just found in contempt today.

  • In a move designed to drive the Christianists batty, President Obama appointed an openly gay man to the faith-based initiatives office.

  • Freshman Congress Critter Frank Kratovil (D-Md.) is Rockin'!

  • This should give you a clue if you still think the administration is just crying wold or using scare-tactics. I'm talking to you Ms Malkin. Click this for original version.

Swampland: How Bad Is It?
"If you are having trouble reading the fine print: The blue line shows job losses in the 1990 recession; the red line is 2001, and the green line is the path we are on now."

Finally, Beyond FuckYeahNeilPatrickHarris.com is Neil Patrick Harris for Governor!