Please Use "GAH!!!" In A Complete Sentence
By: Mark W Adams

With the tsunami of Washington DC Journalist inundating Twitter along with a flurry of Senators, CongressCritters and political has-beens getting in on the act, there is growing speculation that the cute little social media engine may be in danger of "Jumping the Shark."  It may well be true, it certainly has changed what once was a bulletin board for bloggers and chat room for friends. 

Now that it's a phenomenon, it's making news more and more, and certainly that is evolving the culture -- it's own and ours -- which is true of any social entity as it dynamically adds members.  Indeed, I don't think it would survive without growth.  No organization thrives without growing and evolving.

That said, one worries about the fate of some early adopters like the original Wonkette, Ana Marie Cox, who is as responsible for the style and snark found there as anyone.  Not to fear as she promises to live-blog her own demise as long as she retains enough strength in her thumbs to type on her iPhone before they pry it from her cold-dead hands. 

Cox's 95,862 followers are relieved beyond belief -- and aren't buying the idea that legislators tweeting the "NOT" State of the Union Address was THE moment when Twitter Jumped the Shark Fail Whale.  They all know better since she pinpointed the event days before.
anamariecox: At 3:15pm on MSNBC @davidgregory will demonstrate the precise trajectory for jumping a shark. Also he will teach someone how to use Twitter.