$787 Stimzilla Passes Senate 60-38
By: Mark W Adams

This is "only the beginning," according to President Obama.

An ailing Ted Kennedy couldn't make the vote (although he did make the cloture vote yesterday) which was held open so Sherrod Brown (my hero) could fly back from his mother's memorial service. The President himself had the Senator flown back on a government plane.

Not one House Republicans and only three Republican Senators voted on the the bill, the single largest domestic spending act in America's history -- which the White House estimates will create or save 3.5 million jobs. Obama's promise to give tax breaks to 95% of working Americans has now been fulfilled -- only three weeks into his presidency.

Not bad. Much better than the completely unserious alternative offerend by the GOP (twice the jobs for half the price via their usual tax-cut only method) that no independent economist will sign off on.  You can see the details of their plan here -- try it, you'll like it.

Salary caps on executive pay were added in at the last minute while Congressional Republicans complained that no one had the chance to read the over 1000 page bill. A specious argument at best since none of them were ever going to vote for it no matter what was in the actual text. Minority Leader John Boehner was instructing his brethren to oppose the President's stimulus plan even before negotiations even started. Rush Limbaugh must be proud of how well his party dances to his orders. Party and power above country or even their corporate masters.

I admit that I was critical of Hillary Clinton acknowledged that she hadn't read the 2002 National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) before she voted for the Iraq war "which included caveats and dissents about reports of Iraq's weapons program." But you don't need to read something to vote no when your only goal is to make the Democrats look bad.  Anyone think there was a magic bullet hidden on page 549 that would have changed the GOP's hive mind?  Anyone? Anything?  Beuhler?  Boehner?

I've no doubt there's enough in Stimzilla for everyone to hate. Hords of bloggers will be furious to learn that Diane Feinstein snuck in an attack on net neutrality as they finalized the compromised bill.  There's more, like Susan Collin's stunt when she got the protections for whistleblowers excised.  Funny that something like a new rail line from Los Angeles to Harry Ried's Las Vegas threw Mitch McConnell into a fit.  How dare we was money spending it on a infrastructure project in a spending bill desigend to stimulate the economy by investing in infastructure projects.  I'm guessing that the Kentucky Senator's monorail project between Lexington and Bowling Green didn't make the cut.

But hey, rejoice.  Obama and the Democrats are going to save the world, one slice of pie at a time.  Ohio's Governor, Ted Srickland thinks it will benefit me and mine, giving 4 million of us a tax break, almost a billion dollars to fix our roads and bridges, buy some more of those pollution-free busses and produce/protect about 133,000 jobs in the Buckeye State.

For a beginning, this is a pretty good start.

Getting a Piece of the pie

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LazySusan said...

I'm happy for the stimulus plan, I think it is a step in the right direction, but it's still annoying to hear about people playing frivolous political games with our energy infrastructure, our children's education, and really the future of the planet. Just listened to a podcast about a book from the progressive movement, talked about how we need to restore our faith in government, and how government needs to reform to be something we can have faith in. I hope Obama can pull it off.