We Have Their Number
By: Mark W Adams

Very interesting list BooMan put together using data from Progressive Punch on a tip from the indispensable Chris Bowers, ranking the top and bottom ten Democratic Congress Critters and Senators based on their lifetime progressive voting record relative to the political leanings of their voting districts.

On the Senate side, I was pleased as Punch (pun inadvertent) to see my Senator, Sherrod Brown, leading the pack.  Ohio boasts THE most progressive Senator in the United States.

Brown's liberal bona fides are beyond doubt, but I never thought to factor in irritatingly conservative bent of my fellow Buckeyes to appreciate just how lucky we all are to have such a strong voice for reason in a legislative body famous for it's lack thereof.

What surprised me is that Brown' score ranked him fully five places ahead of self-described socialist, Bernie Sanders of Vermont.  No doubt this must take into account the fact that all of New England is generally more progressive than Ohio.  Notably missing from the top ten were either Massachusetts Senators, Kennedy or Kerry, although Rhode Island's Whitehouse and Reed along with Tom Harkin join Sanders and Brown in the top five most liberal Senators relative to their constituency.

Yeah, Lieberman was nearly the least progressive "Democrat." beaten only by Ben Nelson of Nebraska.  Midwestern cornfield values mitigate Nelson's Blue-doggedness, but really -- Lieberman (I-Conn-Everyone) has no excuse.  Neither does Hawaii's Inouye or Tom Carpenter (Delaware).  Since Chris Dodd didn't make either the top or bottom ten, for a New England Democrat, he must have found the Goldilocks zone of progressiveness.

One the House side, Heath Shuler (QB-NC) being the fourth least progressive democratic Congressman will make no news.  But John Murtha making the bottom ten might raise an eyebrow or two.  Since he came out so strongly against the war a few years back he's been a favorite target of wingnut bloggers everywhere.  Typical stooges, they don't know they're beating up on one of their own.  The way I see it, every time they go after his for this or that (I hear there's some new rumblings lately) they bump him further left or they bump him out and we get a better Democrat in his place.

BooMan has one more thing we should keep in mind:
... six out of ten worst performing Democrats are Rahm Emanuel recruits. Only one of the best performing Democrats is a possible Rahm recruit (Keith Ellison). Thanks a lot, Rahm, for recruiting crappy Democrats.
There's a lot of room for a lot of better, more libers representation out there yet.