Hey Dick. War is Bad, MmmKay?
By: Mark W Adams

Cheese Whiz on a Cracker! Somebody put a leash on this monster.

Most everybody is picking up on this renewed information that confirms the malevolence of the Vice President towards Iran, paying particular attention to the specificity of the possible targets -- Iranian Qud forces lending assistance to Iraqi insurgents -- which risks sparking a regional conglagration. At the end of Warren P. Strobel's article, however, he points out that while not surprising, this actually is something new -- at least as far as how the debate in the Oval Office has developed:

Proposals to use force against Iran over its actions in Iraq mark a new phase in the Bush administration's long internal war over Iran policy.

Until now, some hawks within the administration — including Cheney — are said to have favored military strikes to stop Iran from furthering its suspected ambitions for nuclear weapons.

Rice has championed a diplomatic strategy, but that, too, has failed to deter Iran so far.

Patrick Clawson, an Iran specialist at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, said a strike on the Quds camps in Iran could make the nuclear diplomacy more difficult.

Before launching such a strike, "We better be prepared to go public with very detailed and very convincing intelligence," Clawson said.

Oooh Boy! I can't wait. These turds are actually going to try and "convince us" that we need yet another front on the War on Terra.

I can almost hear the apologists sharpening their pencils.