The BSing of America Continues
By: Mark W Adams

General Petraeus not only won't be writing "his" report on Iraq, he won't be talking about it either -- Condi and SecDef Gates have the honor of live bamboozlement come September.

Hilzoy has more. Clearly, the Administration insists that Congress and the public be more open-minded to their single-mindedness.
It's no way to run a country, and it's certainly no way to run a war.
You of course are free to blame the traitors who leaked this shell game to the librule media whose only goal is to undermine Bush's dedication to his delusions.

CUT AND RUN I say! Cut the damn country into iddy, biddy pieces; and then Run it right.

(HT: MoJo)

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John Spalding said...

BS'ing America. Voter Caging and possible racist vote suppresssion practices-- Greg Palast on NOW--PBS Story.