Getting Things Done In Congress
By: Mark W Adams

When Congress failed to halt the funding for the "Surge" I was pissed (that's reality-speak for "disappointed"). Outrage sums up my reaction to the FISA capitulation.

But when a leading progressive voice like Glenn Greenwald feeds into a GOP narrative -- when he should know better -- I'm flabbergasted:
This is a real moment of truth for the Democratic Congress. Democrats, who have offered up little other than one failure after the next since taking power in January, can take a big step toward redeeming themselves here. No matter what, they must ensure that Gonzales' replacement is a genuinely trustworthy and independent figure.
I've mentioned before that the accomplishments of this Congress, half-way through their first year is nothing to be dismissed easily.
  • First Minimum Wage Increase in a Decade
  • Largest Increase for Veterans Affairs Funding in History
  • Additional $1.8 Billion for Veterans' Health Care in the Supplemental (above what POTUS requested)
  • Passed Ethics and Lobbying Reform Bill
  • $17 Billion in Grants and Other Student Aid
  • Passed a Fiscally Responsible Budget
  • Passed Energy Bill That Increased Fuel-Efficiency Standards for First Time Since 1975.
Speaking of the 70's, here's what a motivated congress can do even while "distracted" by an impeachment inquiry. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the Watergate Congress:

93rd United States Congress

All that, AND they ran a criminal out of the White House.

(H.T. Steven G. Brant @ HuffPost)